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New Release (0.1.1)

Two months after the very first release in this project we can proudly present another iteration. Head over to the Download area to test it or see some new Screenshots. It features more details in the map (resources, provinces with borders and province center locations, better support for non Windows OS and many minor improvements.

In case of problems our Help center will be happy to deal with them.

You can also have a look at the Sources (see Download area) which is now easier to setup in an development environment. Contributions are always welcome – best way to contact is via the forum.

Version 0.1.0 is out

Time to celebrate because it’s finished. The very first version 0.1.0 is out there for Download. After four weeks of intensive work it features some user interface elements, a simple terrain editor with a map imported from the original Imperialism and some of our own artwork (mostly terrain tiles).

The software itself requires a Java Runtime and might be running relatively unstable. Please consider reporting bugs either in the Community Forum or via the Contact form!

If you want to volunteer in the development of the game, please consider registration in the Forum which is the center of the community.

Also you might have noticed that this blog software was broken for some days. Everything is fixed now and working.

Back from hiatus

What can I say. There was a long time but no activity from here in this project. I took some time out. I needed some time out. I did a lot of nice things and learned a bit or two about programming.

But now I am back and fully interested again. Let’s see what we can do.

Website structure in place

The three prominent places: this blog/site, the forum and the googlecode site are now connected in a nice way. This included modifications of templates of each sites. Now links are shown everywhere and this site is the definitive starting place.

Next steps include finishing the specifications, i.e. simplifying and nailing everything into place and then also more advertisement. And then the coding can begin.

Preliminary Design document

We are halfway through the initial design step. As always the complexity of the task was greatly underestimated at the beginning. Wiring economics, military and diplomacy together is quite a task which cannot be completed in two weeks working on evenings only.

However all which we have so far, basically a collection of possible rules and ideas, are downloadable as pdf.

The goals for the next weeks are threefold:

  • Melt all the ideas of the design into a coherent model. It’s just a first draft but we need something where we think of that it could work. This will give us reassurance and something to improve upon.
  • Derive tasks (coding, ..) from this design model and design the programme. Identify bottlenecks.
  • Make the project better know. Improve upon the website. Something I haven’t done much so far. Because of spam attacks I had to lock comments but I would like to unlock them again.

Slowly but going

Time for an update. Yes, it’s going slowly and yes, it’s still going. I am going to a vacation now and afterwards I will finish the design and start with the coding and the community building. My motivation is high, I started programming again recently and discovered a nice xml library xom. In the time between the last update and now I was playing a lot. Keep in touch.

Spam victim

This blog and the forum have been victims of spammers in the last days. I am surprised how fast these guys have found this place and how fast they start posting nonsense while the number of real visitors was very small up to now. Well I didn’t do much promotion. However I had to disable comments here in this blog and increase security over at the forum also.