Preliminary Design document

We are halfway through the initial design step. As always the complexity of the task was greatly underestimated at the beginning. Wiring economics, military and diplomacy together is quite a task which cannot be completed in two weeks working on evenings only.

However all which we have so far, basically a collection of possible rules and ideas, are downloadable as pdf.

The goals for the next weeks are threefold:

  • Melt all the ideas of the design into a coherent model. It’s just a first draft but we need something where we think of that it could work. This will give us reassurance and something to improve upon.
  • Derive tasks (coding, ..) from this design model and design the programme. Identify bottlenecks.
  • Make the project better know. Improve upon the website. Something I haven’t done much so far. Because of spam attacks I had to lock comments but I would like to unlock them again.