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A new version is released

New Release (0.2.1)

And there is another release. It’s rather a minor release and mostly changes the details shown in the view of the editor screen (rivers, cities, borders) and also the game lobby (where one selects a scenario to play). This means we are still far from any playable state.

However, the project is still active and this release also serves the purpose of showing this activity.

Interested in helping out or want to report and issue?

Drop a message in the contact form or register at the forum.

Some actual screen shots:

New Release (0.2.0)

After a bit more than a year there is a new release. Most prominently it features the transition from using Java as the programming language to using Python. The transition took place within four months and no major obstacles were found during this period.

However the functionality is still the same (or even less in some areas) – so do not expect a playable game. The current state is still not much more than a tech demonstration of what might be one day.

But the community behind this remake will now continue and after the transition to another programming language has been achieved one can expect more features in the near future.

Interested in helping out? Drop a message in the contact form or register at the forum.

Below some screenshots.

New Release (0.1.4)

Exactly two months after the last release we have another update. This time with a complete overhaul of the server-client communication, now featuring the ability to actually start a local server and connect to it (and send and receive chat messages) as well as possibility to have continuous looking terrain tiles. Still the game is in the early stages. We will continue even at slow speed. Register at the forum if you want to take part in the development or just give feedback. Thanks for listening. 🙂

New Release (0.1.3)

Just wanted to report another version with some minor changes – mostly the product of our designers in achieving a nicer start screen. Also we discussed the games rules heavily in the last time and last but not least the naming vote was conducted was didn’t come to a clear conclusion. So the name is still not decided. But I am optimistic. We will continue and improve with every release.

New Release (0.1.2)

It’s again two months after the last release and time to let you see what the project achieved so far. So what’s new?

– We have a windows launcher (checks for the correct version of Java), a windows installer and we tested it under Linux (it runs).
– We have music composed by one of our own playing in the background.
– We have a much improved map with borders, cities, rivers, provinces.
– We have diverse artwork for the terrain and the start screen.
– And many, many small things.

So head over to the Download area and try it out for yourself! 🙂

It’s a big step forward for us but also still a long way to go. We need your help in making the project a success. If you are interested, check here.

New Release (0.1.1)

Two months after the very first release in this project we can proudly present another iteration. Head over to the Download area to test it or see some new Screenshots. It features more details in the map (resources, provinces with borders and province center locations, better support for non Windows OS and many minor improvements.

In case of problems our Help center will be happy to deal with them.

You can also have a look at the Sources (see Download area) which is now easier to setup in an development environment. Contributions are always welcome – best way to contact is via the forum.

Version 0.1.0 is out

Time to celebrate because it’s finished. The very first version 0.1.0 is out there for Download. After four weeks of intensive work it features some user interface elements, a simple terrain editor with a map imported from the original Imperialism and some of our own artwork (mostly terrain tiles).

The software itself requires a Java Runtime and might be running relatively unstable. Please consider reporting bugs either in the Community Forum or via the Contact form!

If you want to volunteer in the development of the game, please consider registration in the Forum which is the center of the community.

Also you might have noticed that this blog software was broken for some days. Everything is fixed now and working.