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Task board online

The project now has a task board which shows a list of available tasks, small jobs, that currently would bring the project forward. This list will be updated continuously and allows the cooperation of many contributors as well as planning ahead. In the Community Forum we also have a task center discussion thread associated with the task board.

The idea is to constantly break up the big step of developing a full strategy game in many smaller steps and present them in a way that everyone can see what needs to be done next as well as can serve himself to a task or two.

Restart successful

And in the last couple of weeks I learned a lot about programming in Python and could successfully rebuild the start screen. It’s fun and the code is not too complex. And I could even take inspiration from the old code.

But of course the last version (0.1.4) did have more features (a simple client-server messaging system) and a basic scenario editor. I will work on these now.

But for now have a look at the current state:


A new start

Recently I found back to this project. It took me awhile and I spent the mean time improving much on my Python abilities (which will be good for the project) as well as playing computer games or doing other stuff (which was only good for myself). Unfortunately this also meant that for at least half a year not much happened and the project was stalled. Sure, this is never a nice experience but that’s kind of normal when you do stuff in your free time. Anyway I was kind of disattached with the project but it changed and now I’m back.

So much about the past, now about the present and the future. I’m very happy one of the earliest team members Veneteaou is still present. After a short discussion the decision is that we switch from Java to Python. Both seem like viable ways to accomplish the task but with Python we both think that the development time will be shorter. And judging from the more than two years of posts in this blog, time goes fast enough as it is. Time to speed up the project.

Apart from the switch of programming language I also renewed the web sites of the project. The forum has a much nicer layout, this blog is now a wordpress powered blog and the sources are now on github.

Please stay tuned for news in the next weeks/months. We always need and ask for volunteers. Either send a message via the contact form or post on the forum.

Gallery of screenshots from version 0.1.0 to 0.1.4

Some impressions from the Java versions (0.1.0-0.1.4) which have been created in 2012/2013.

New Release (0.1.4)

Exactly two months after the last release we have another update. This time with a complete overhaul of the server-client communication, now featuring the ability to actually start a local server and connect to it (and send and receive chat messages) as well as possibility to have continuous looking terrain tiles. Still the game is in the early stages. We will continue even at slow speed. Register at the forum if you want to take part in the development or just give feedback. Thanks for listening. 🙂

ScrIMP, the Imperialism agile development method

Recently we added a new development method to our inventory: ScrIMP. It is derived from Scrum, an agile software development method and especially adapted to open source projects with ever changing team members.

The heart is frequent definition and reflection on short term goals as well as the implementation of these goals during defined short periods of time. For us this means that we offer the possibility to do a Sprint, i.e. to achieve a goal within 7 days (starting on fridays always). There is a place for volunteering, for progress reports and for reviewing.

Of course this is completely optional. Everybody can just contribute in his/her own preferred way. However we also hope to increase the attraction to new supporters.

New Release (0.1.3)

Just wanted to report another version with some minor changes – mostly the product of our designers in achieving a nicer start screen. Also we discussed the games rules heavily in the last time and last but not least the naming vote was conducted was didn’t come to a clear conclusion. So the name is still not decided. But I am optimistic. We will continue and improve with every release.

Naming contest

So we are in the process of selecting a name more interesting than “remake”. Well actually everyone can propose a name in this thread. Afterwards there will be a vote about it and with a decent name we hope to give more identity to the project. If you want to be part of the selection, just propose a name or vote.

New Release (0.1.2)

It’s again two months after the last release and time to let you see what the project achieved so far. So what’s new?

– We have a windows launcher (checks for the correct version of Java), a windows installer and we tested it under Linux (it runs).
– We have music composed by one of our own playing in the background.
– We have a much improved map with borders, cities, rivers, provinces.
– We have diverse artwork for the terrain and the start screen.
– And many, many small things.

So head over to the Download area and try it out for yourself! 🙂

It’s a big step forward for us but also still a long way to go. We need your help in making the project a success. If you are interested, check here.

Collaborating is fun

We are half-way to the next release and already have enough content to justify it – playing music and improved maps with borders, cities, rivers and more is to come. One of my fears initially was that I would work alone and since I cannot do much art the game would have to live with very simple artwork. Fortunately this is not the case and several people volunteered to help there. This collaborations are so far going very smoothly and I hope we can continue with this. It makes a lot of fun and increases my motivation to work intensively on the programming. A win-win situation.