A new start

Recently I found back to this project. It took me awhile and I spent the mean time improving much on my Python abilities (which will be good for the project) as well as playing computer games or doing other stuff (which was only good for myself). Unfortunately this also meant that for at least half a year not much happened and the project was stalled. Sure, this is never a nice experience but that’s kind of normal when you do stuff in your free time. Anyway I was kind of disattached with the project but it changed and now I’m back.

So much about the past, now about the present and the future. I’m very happy one of the earliest team members Veneteaou is still present. After a short discussion the decision is that we switch from Java to Python. Both seem like viable ways to accomplish the task but with Python we both think that the development time will be shorter. And judging from the more than two years of posts in this blog, time goes fast enough as it is. Time to speed up the project.

Apart from the switch of programming language I also renewed the web sites of the project. The forum has a much nicer layout, this blog is now a wordpress powered blog and the sources are now on github.

Please stay tuned for news in the next weeks/months. We always need and ask for volunteers. Either send a message via the contact form or post on the forum.