Defining success of the project

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Defining success of the project

Post by Trilarion » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:56 pm

Yesterday I felt like setting myself goals. Also I thought about how to define if a project was successful? I came up with the following statements:

Minor Success
  • A more or less finished version, running almost bug-free with some artwork and sound
  • 10k downloads of this or later versions
  • Some positive feedback
  • Of interest for fans of the original Imperialism or TBS games
Major Success
  • A feature complete, stable version with convenient amount of artwork (covering all features)
  • 100k downloads of this or later version
  • At least 5 active contributors, among them at least two graphics artists
  • Actively continued, noted as Imperialism successor
  • Recognized as good TBS game
Overwhelming Success
  • A feature complete, stable version with nice graphics and sound and many additional scenarios
  • 1m downloads of this or a later version
  • A community of about 15 active developers, at least two musicians or two historicians or an AI specialist
  • Compared to projects like FreeCiv, FreeCol, Battle For Wesnoth
  • A worthy successor of Imperialism one and a very good TBS game
  • Featured in at least one interview with a well known games magazine/news site
  • A successful Kickstarter (or similar) campaign for rasing money to further support development
So, now you know what I am dreaming of. What do you think how one can define the success of this project?

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