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Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 2:21 pm
by visitor
I certainly would like to have videos for several points in the game (beginning, end, elections, big battle won/lost, capitulation, victory celebrations in the capital, scenario introductions, ...)
This needs it's own topic.

I think we need to first decide what style we are going to use in the videos.

Imp1 videos had mostly still images. I think there was real photos and drawn pictures used both. This is easy to compose. If someone draws the pictures. I am not expert on the copyrights, but I think we can use some old photos?

Imp2 intro is slightly more advanced. It has pictures that are animated so it is more alive. I think Imp2 uses only drawn pictures and no photos. It also makes it more cartoon like. The animation is quite simple and I can do that. Again I would need help with the pictures, music and sounds.

Then I had idea for third option. We could maybe use actual film footage from some very old movies that are now free to use? Again I am not expert on the copyright issues. But I have vague memory that some older game used this style? Maybe Castles 2? Also Steel Panthers had old black and white film footage videos in it.

4th option. Make it in 3D. We would need a 3d artist. I am not fan of 3d movies, but we could maybe use some parts that are in 3d. Cannon fires a cannon ball? Swinging and shining swords or flags? The game logo? Maybe even a ship sailing in the ocean? Problem with 3d is that as time goes on it starts to look bad really fast compared to photos and pictures that don't have that problem.

Re: Video

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 3:40 pm
by Veneteaou
I would think some great pictures could be found on places like, and there are plenty of free sound effects libraries floating around the internet. As for images I would also think HD scans of 19th century artwork would be easily obtained, and they are certainly going to fall into public domain.

Re: Video

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 9:37 pm
by Trilarion
Gladly I leave this topic to you. With programming and game mechanics and project organization I have enough on my plate. So I leave this topic to you any only give comments when needed. :)

I guess that animated images (handdrawn or real) are already quite something. 3D animations/movies might not match well with the rest of the graphics style, but who knows.

I wonder what could be a good initial test candidate for video?

Maybe an Intro trailer (up to 30 seconds): Just a good mix of everything that symbolizes Imperialism: steam trains, smoking chimneys, metal workshops, soldiers, maps, monarchs, colonies and steam engines again. This trailer could also be put on the website or used in potential donation campaigns.

So I propose this as a first little project but please do what you really want to do. :)

Important information

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 9:47 pm
by Trilarion
There are two topics which I very much like to repeat and stress all the time. 8-)

1. Copyright: We take it seriously! Every source anyone takes has to be credited and has to have a free license (CC, Public Domain, GPL, ...). I will reject any artwork that doesn't come with clear license information. Also you, the creators here have to agree to a free license, otherwise we cannot use your work.

2. Store artwork (graphics, music, videos) not only in a non-changeable final format (jpeg, mp3, avi) but also in the natural format of your creation software including layers and every other editing capability. It's important that it can be changed later (even by others) for example when the name of the game changes or for whatever else reasons. If possible document the steps that you did during the creation (not every detail but the most important points in case you think it might be useful later).

With these precautions we can make sure that all your creative energy will be used in the most efficient way by the project or the public at large. And you can be relaxed and concentrate on your artwork.