help and few question about v0.2

Help with installation and running.
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help and few question about v0.2

Post by bodyjumper »


for starting i want to appologiz for my bad englis (i'm french)

Ok, i'm just instal the version 0.2 of the game for windows.

when i lunch the game, i'm arive on the main menu, i push the bouton "playng imperialism theme" and noting append.

and i see the main menu and i have only : preferences / scenario editor / help / game lobby and exit.

i want to now if the game is already playable or not. Maybe i lost some thing on the instalation ?

it's possible to have some help please ^^.
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Post by Trilarion »

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry, the game is not yet playable. You did not lose anything during the installation. I guess waiting some more months will maybe result in a kind of playable version. I would be glad if you would check again later.

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