[SOLVED] Error 5: Access is denied

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[SOLVED] Error 5: Access is denied

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version: 0.1.3
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

Problem: When attempting to start installer an the "Error 5: Access is denied" appears and installation does not start

Solution: Right click and run in Administration mode

TRI: is it possible to have the installer uploaded where its "compatibility" is already set to "always run as admin". I know this is extremely small and insignificant but a lot of installers out there automatically ask for admin rights on running
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Hmm, that's strange. We are using InnoSetup as tool for making the installer. I believe the settings are so, that it should automatically ask for administration rights. It seems it's not, at least for you. I didn't see such behavior so far, because the account I use normally is an administrator account.

I should make myself a normal user account and try to reproduce the problem, then implement a solution. I can surely play around with the options in InnoSetup.
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