Installing 0.1.1

Help with installation and running.
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Robin Patterson
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Installing 0.1.1

Post by Robin Patterson »

I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium.

I tried the download link, clicked the resulting item in my Downloads window ( 1.4MB -- and now have the following in my Downloads folder:
Subfolder: ImperialismRemakeVer.0.1.1
Subfolders Data and Lib; subfiles imperialism-remake.jar and readme.txt

I skimmed through the readme, then double-clicked the java file.

Error message headed "Java Virtual Machine Launcher" says: "Could not find the main class: org.iremake.client.StartClient. Program will exit."

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Cumbersome way of Java to say it needs a higher version

Post by Trilarion »


thanks for reporting this issue. This almost surely means that you have a version of Java installed that is not the latest (7.x) but something older. The only way out is to update java. It is an inconvenience that Java doesn't say so directly but presents this rather cumbersome message. Please update Java: ... 80261.html

If for some strange reasons it still does not run then, please report here. That would be very nice.

In the meantime I should put more instructions towards this case in the readme.txt file and I should think about a launcher executable in windows which checks for the right java version. This will mitigate the problem. Finally with increasing circulation of Java 7 these cases will become less and less in the future.
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