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Re: Introduce yourself

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:20 pm
by Trilarion

My speedy reply hopefully convinces you that the remake is not dead yet (even though progress is very, very slow).

The remake can, in principle, support many different languages. However, the plan was that until quite late in development, only English will be supported. Reason is that there are more pressing matters: the map, the battles, the trade to be implemented, the AI, which pose real programmatical challenges. Supporting other languages, once the list of strings to be translated is finalized, is much easier. A Danish version is straightforward to produce once we are a the point that language support gets implemented. This could be something where someone from Denmark can contribute to the development, even if coding is not possible.

For the player made scenarios, you could maybe try

With the user name I will have a look right now.

Re: Introduce yourself

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:15 pm
by Member number 56
Thanks for the reply.:)

I wonder if the word "yet" means that it's planned. (I hope not)

And with the language I meant what programming language. (I read something about Python, but I'm not sure) You should absoloutely don't waste time on translation. :)

With the scenarios I haven't had luck yet. :( (I knew about the website before and found nothing. :(

:idea: BUT I think I know of a old computer that somebody in my family own . (And it have a bunch of scenarios) Maybe when I'm on a visit there I can copy the files and share them here. :)

Thanks for the warm welcoming by the way!

-Member 56

Re: Introduce yourself

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:23 pm
by Trilarion
No, it's not planned to die. I cannot exclude it, but it's definitely not planned. ;)

Yes, programming language is Python. It's quite high level and quite widespread. Years ago I started with Java, but switched to Python. There are forks on Github of the old Java code.

It would be nice if you could dig these old scenarios out. I wonder how "Denmark's defense" worked from a game mechanics view? Was Denmark a major power with more provinces in this scenario? Or was the map smaller than the standard Europe and more zoomed in? Did the economy work the same? What were minor powers then? It's actually very interesting to see what kind of scenarios people made for Imp1.

Re: Introduce yourself

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:57 pm
by Member number 56
With the programming it sounds WAY too complicated for me. :|

With the scenarios I might be able to get it sometime in the future. About "Denmarks defense", Denmark was classified as a GP. (but there was MN's that was stronger than DK) I think (long time since I played and at the time I was also completely new to imperialism) that the map was a usual EU map, but maybe zoomed in a little bit. Denmark had around 4 provinces and absolutely no infrastructure, not even a single expert. (farmer, miner etc.) The dev even said in the discription that it was not recommended to play. But Denmark was playable and that the important thing. :)

Short question, does anybody have or know about a map editor/ scenario creation software for imp_1???

And again thanks for the welcoming! :)

-Member 56

Re: Introduce yourself

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:13 pm
by Sekundus
Alright then...

Hi everybody!
My name is Gerald, I'm the next german speaker here, but this time from the southern part - namely Austria.
Some of you might remember me, since I've been a member of the old Imp forums and even had the same username there.

Just as all you guys, I'm an avid strategy game player and played the shit out of SSI's Imp. (especially the 1st, which I also
like more than the 2nd part).
As for my background: I studied political science (didn't finish, but got all the skills, so I know how to research in the sociological
- and with it in the historical - sphere). Also, I got around to embrace computers even more and began to study programming
(although in C#, I hope I can contribute; would also be very much willing to learn and improve skills in python and 2D artistry).

What I hope:
+ that this project isn't dead

What I'd want to see very much:
+ a working Imp game that improves at least a bit on the old one

What I'd like to bring in (if I can):
+ to generally help wherever I can, since my interests are all over the place and my skills somewhat reflect that
+ would love to help getting this project back on track again, bring in new members etc

Because I was really motivated, I set up a Discord server. Would love to see some of you guys over there. To join, just follow the


Re: Introduce yourself

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:35 am
by Trilarion
Hi Sek,

Welcome. The project isn't dead but isn't very much alive either. But that may change. I'm sure that you could be a new push increasing the development speed considerably. Out of the back of my head I remember things like: designing a Europe map with boundaries etc. (for copyright reasons I decided not to exactly use the original Imp1 map, although it being a geographical fact, our map and the original cannot be expected to differ much), workout game model details like how trade, diplomacy or combat works (it's not like the inner workings of Imp1 are totally known, nor do I want to duplicate them 1:1), creating some 2D artwork or even programming. Your choice... just tell me what you are interested in and I can give you more details.

I haven't used discord so far.