URL is now remake.twelvepm.de/forum

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URL is now remake.twelvepm.de/forum

Post by Trilarion » Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:24 pm

After some thought I changed the path to the forum to remake.twelvepm.de/forum before it is too late and too many persons use the other variant with imperialism in its name.

Pros and Cons include
  • Shorter name, easier to remember
  • The name of the remake should not be imperialism, it should not be known only as the remake of imperialism.
  • I am sure, I will only make one such big remake in the foreseeable future.
  • Search engines might rank us lower in connection with imperialism but at least google is bright enough to understand what this site is about ... with the zillion of times we mention the war ... ah the original title imperialism.
Actually I had som cookie settings problems. Log on automatically did not work. Also I will turn off the old redirect in 2-3 weeks. It might be necessary to manually delete cookies from the old and new domain and try log on automatically for each visit again.

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