Hall of Fame of Turn based strategy games

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Hall of Fame of Turn based strategy games

Post by Trilarion »

Master of Orion 1,2, Civilization 1-5, Colonization, Alpha Centauri, XCom Enemy Unkown, Warlords 1-3, Battle Isle, Panzer/Allied/Pacific/Star/Fantasy General, Imperialism 1-2, Heroes of Might and Magic, Lords of the Realm, M.A.X., Call to Power 1-2, Age of Wonders 1-3, Galactic Civilizations 1-2, Total War, FreeCiv, FreeCol, Battle For Wesnoth, ...

...there are so many famous and very good turn based strategy games. The golden decade (time when most of them came out) was from 1995-2005. Of course in the spirit of these great games also our project is growing. Without them nobody would know what we are talking about and also we would have a much more difficult job inventing the game mechanics...

Let's pay them tribute! And why not playing them again from time to time. :)

So which was were your favorite?
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Re: Hall of Fame of Turn based strategy games

Post by Veneteaou »

Lords of the Realm 2, MoO2, Deadlock, and Imperialism were the big ones of my childhood. There were just so many good TBS games in that era, it's really hard for me to single out the best ones.
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Re: Hall of Fame of Turn based strategy games

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Many of those games are on my cycling list of games that I tend to go back to from time to time.

I was surfing youtube and it recommended me a video. OpenXcom 1.0 trailer. And now I am playing X-Com again. They made excellent job. It uses the original games data files, but they rewrote the code so it works on modern comp... devices. + it seems they designed it in a way so it is very mod friendly.

For inspiration or for wasting loads of time and playing it again:
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