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Re: XCII - The Scenario

Post by Member number 56 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:51 pm

Trilarion wrote:
Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:02 pm
I upgraded the forum software, inserted some custom links at the top, packaging on Windows and PyPI seems to work too.

The difficult thing is the scenario currently. I decided that for legal reasons I cannot use the current scenario which is closely adapted of the original Imp1 1814 scenario. It's nice to have original scenarios as guideline, but it's very probably inappropriate to just copy them. We need to make our own. Of course geography will be largely the same, even borders of nations and provinces might be, but resources should better not.

This will take some time. Indeed, currently it's impossible to change the terrain or add rivers for example. In order to advance I would maybe push for randomly created scenarios (so the editor can be tested more easily). This would also take some time, but it would be more on the programming side.

Closely related is the internal representation of a scenario. I'm thinking about it for some time now that I need to write down the exact requirements better in order to come to a better representation. When, if not now.
Well, this is my thoughts, in the scenario dilemma:
Frog City Software did they're best to copy history, now from what I know directly copying them might not be smart. Although if you copy history too, you have done absolutely nothing wrong. Now the smart people realize that by doing that you would end up with a result much like the original Imperilsim. Because changing borders etc. would be historically wrong. So I'm pretty sure you can safely copy history. PS: I think Bill Spieth, Ted Spieth, and Rachel Bernstein would agree :p.

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