Let’s introduce the purpose of this project a little more. The aim is to recreate the classical SSI Imperialism game from 1997. It delivered a unique feeling of combining industrial, militaric and diplomatic power to outrun your rivals and finally rule the world. The original still runs: the DOS version in DOSBox, the Win version with compatibility mode even in Win 7. However buying it is difficult nowadays, used copies go for around 20-40$ over the counter on ebay. The rights will probably be at Ubisoft who dissolved SSI after taking them over.

Also nowadays some aspects of the game show its age. Other nuisances are based on design flaws like the not so diverse tactical fights, overpowering artillery combined with a bad militaric AI, or unsatisfying diplomacy.

It is reason enough to start an open source project to revive this classic in a modern outfit and with fresh ideas. Of course every help is strongly welcome. Even the tiniest bit of discussion of the game concept will make a difference. I’ll indicate best ways to help in a following post.

For now, I wish us a successful project that will bring back this strategy classic and even improve on it!